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  • Litter Sold Out–6.14.18

    Litter Sold Out–6.14.18

    Ms. Lilac found a home and the puppy barn is quiet again. This litter has an outstanding hunting pedigree;  we are confident they will excel in whatever they are asked to do.  Thank you to our owners for giving these pups a good home.  Please keep in touch!  We love to see pictures of their hunting success or them just being awesome family friends.
  • Litter Update–Ms. Lilac 6.10.18

    Litter Update–Ms. Lilac 6.10.18

    Because of an unexpected cancellation, this sweet girl needs a home!  The rest of the pups left this weekend;  she is ready to go any time.  Please reference Ace's and Jessie's pedigrees on our site--together they make an exceptional pedigree.  Please call or e-mail if interested.  
  • Litter Availability Update–6.7.18

    Litter Availability Update–6.7.18

    We have an unexpected change in our litter availability and have a black female available from our Jessie and Ace litter.  The pups will start going to their new homes this weekend.  Please let us know ASAP if you are interested.
  • Litter Update–6 Weeks 6.3.18

    Litter Update–6 Weeks 6.3.18

    The pups will be six weeks old on Tuesday and will take another trip to the vet that day for a check-up, shots, and de-worming.  Everyone is growing, playing, fighting, chewing, biting--all the things they should be doing at this age.  And, did I mention that they are dang cute?  They enjoy getting outside for fresh air and exploring.  They get more brave by the day.  This will be the last post for this litter as they will be going home starting this coming weekend.  All pups are now sold. To our owners:  Please be in touch as soon as
  • Litter Update–5 Weeks 5.28.28

    Litter Update–5 Weeks 5.28.28

    The pups will be 5 weeks old tomorrow and are fully weaned.  They are all healthy and growing fast.  They are getting used to some playtime outside and aren't as scared to be out in the yard.  It's so fun to watch them be brave and explore.  They were very cooperative for their photo shoot this evening.  🙂 To our owners:  Please let us know if you want to visit your pup.  You are welcome any time.  Also, please let us know if you have any questions about when you can pick up your pup or how to get prepared
  • Litter Update–4 Weeks 5.20.18

    Litter Update–4 Weeks 5.20.18

    The pups are almost 4 weeks old.  It's so hard to believe!  We have started the weaning process, so they are learning all about food and water.  And, they are doing very well.  They are ready to explore and play!  After we took their pictures, we took them outside for the first time this evening.  They were a little nervous but eventually got brave and ventured a few feet away from the kennel.  Enjoy their first individual pictures. There are two beautiful black females available from this litter.
  • Litter Update–2 Weeks 5.8.18

    Litter Update–2 Weeks 5.8.18

    Well, as luck would have it, our computer died last week!  We are up and running again--kind of.  If you have e-mailed us and we haven't responded, we are having a few issues still.  Thanks for your patience as we get this all figured out.  Technology is great--when it's working--and there's never a good time for a computer to crash! In the meantime, here's a quick update on the litter.  The pups are two weeks old today.  Eyes are opening, and they are growing fast!  They are big, beautiful puppies.  They had their first trip to the vet on Friday,
  • Litter Announcement:  Happy Birthday! 4.24.18

    Litter Announcement: Happy Birthday! 4.24.18

    Jessie delivered eight beautiful babies today:  three chocolate boys, one chocolate girl, three black girls, and one yellow boy.  Mom and babies are all doing very well.  We are working through our waiting list and will update availability in a few days.  In the meantime, enjoy their first family picture.
  • Litter Announcement: April 22 Update

    Litter Announcement: April 22 Update

    We are anxiously awaiting our litter from Jessie and Ace any day now.  Thanks for all of the interest in this litter.  We will post again as soon as Jess delivers.  This picture of her was taken yesterday.  Poor momma is ready.  
  • Litter Announcement:  Jessie and Ace

    Litter Announcement: Jessie and Ace

    We are expecting a litter from Jessie and Ace around April 24th.  This is the second breeding of this pair.   We have had great feedback from the owners of their pups from their last litter.  (We kept Pearl from this last breeding--she is an awesome dog!!  Of course, we are completely biased.)  If you are interested in a pup from this litter, please let us know.  We won't take deposits until the pups are born, but we will keep a list of interested owners and contact you after the litter is on the ground.  We expect chocolate and black