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  • Litter Update-6 weeks 3.4.18

    Litter Update-6 weeks 3.4.18

    The pups were 6 weeks old on Friday.  They had another trip to the vet for shots and de-worming.  They range in size from 3.3 pounds to 5.1 pounds and are all in good health.  They had a busy week and have enjoyed lots of company.  This will be the last post for this litter as the pups will begin going to their homes on Friday (3.9.18).  It's hard to believe they are ready to leave us.  Like every litter, it just goes so fast.  Enjoy their last photo shoot from this evening. Mr. Red was tired.  He didn't want
  • Litter Update–5 weeks 2.23.18

    Litter Update–5 weeks 2.23.18

    The pups are WILD!  So much fun!  They fight, play, and wag their tails like crazy.  As of a couple days ago, they are completely weened and doing great.  The video shows them finding puppy food on the floor.  It's amazing how quickly they learn to use their noses.  Their instincts are so strong!  Enjoy this evening's photo shoot.  This litter is sold out.  Thanks to all our owners!
  • Litter Update–4 Weeks 2.17.18

    Litter Update–4 Weeks 2.17.18

    The pups were four weeks old yesterday.  It always amazes me how much they can change over just a few days.  They are out of their whelping box and on the go.  And, they are quickly developing a taste for puppy food.  Weening is going well.  They are really responding to us and playing with each other...and wagging their cute little tails.  They like to get out of their kennel and play in the open part of the barn.  They have been enjoying more company as well.  Thanks to the owners who are close and can make the trip
  • Litter Update–3 Weeks 2.9.18

    Litter Update–3 Weeks 2.9.18

    The pups are three weeks old today.  They are walking (very clumsily!) and starting to play with each other.   They even wag their little tails!  They are so sweet.  This puppy stuff never gets old--every litter is just as fun as the last.  Their teeth are almost ready to come through.  Everyone is doing very well.  They have had their first visitors this week and already seem to love the attention.  Check out their first individual photos. Availability:  There is one black male available as of today.
  • Litter Update–2 Weeks 2.3.18

    Litter Update–2 Weeks 2.3.18

    Wow!  It's been a big week for the pups.  They were two weeks old yesterday and everyone's eyes are open!  They have grown so much and are starting to be awake a little more when we are with them.  Lexi is an awesome mom and is doing such a good job with her family.  The pictures we took tonight are by color/gender.  We put their colored strings on after the photo shoot, so next week will be the debut of their individual photos. Availability for this litter has changed.  The chocolate male and one of the black males are available. [gallery
  • Litter Update–1 Week 1.28.18

    Litter Update–1 Week 1.28.18

    The pups are already one week old and have really grown.  It's always amazing to me how fast they change from day to day.  The whole family went to the vet on Thursday (1.25.18) and had a checkup.  The pups had their dewclaws removed as well.  Mom and babies are doing very well.  This coming week will be fun as they will open their eyes.  We will put on their collars and start posting individual pictures next weekend. Pups available as of today:  Two black males. To our owners:  We will begin welcoming visitors when the pups reach two weeks old. 
  • Litter Announcement

    Litter Announcement

    January 24, 2018:  We are happy to announce a beautiful litter from Lexi and Ace.  The pups were born on Friday, January 19.  There are eight pups:  one yellow girl, three chocolate girls, one chocolate boy, one black girl, and two black boys. As of today, the yellow girl and black girl are sold. This is the second litter from Lexi and Ace.  We have had awesome feedback from owners of the pups from their first litter last winter.  I can't wait to watch these little babies grow up.