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  • Litter Update – 2.17.19

    Litter Update – 2.17.19

    Most of the pups have gone home--we are down to five in the kennel.  Mr. Silver is available.  Please see his photo from tonight and the litter certificate for the combination of Liz/Cody.  This pup has both field trial and pointing blood lines;  multiple champion titles populate both sides of his pedigree.  And, of course, he's adorable.  Let us know if you are interested in this awesome little guy. Thank you to our owners for giving our pups good homes.  We love to hear how they are fast becoming part of your families.
  • Litter Updates – 2.10.19

    Litter Updates – 2.10.19

    There were 18...now there are  10.  The puppies have started going to their homes.  We are excited that they have such great owners who are giving them good homes.  Thank you to all our owners! One pup remains available from Lexi/Ace:  the handsome Mr. Lime.   Two puppies are available from Liz/Cody:  Mr. Blue and Mr. Silver. Please let us know if you are interested in these boys.  They are ready to go!
  • Litter Updates – 2.4.19

    Litter Updates – 2.4.19

    For those of you who have been following along, you might have noticed that we didn't post yesterday.  Sorry about that!  I guess we were too into the football game, and we didn't get our work done.  This post will feature those pups who are still available from each litter.  Both litters have remarkable pedigrees and will be awesome hunters or family friends.  Email or call if interested. Lexi/Ace puppies went to the vet on Friday for their first round of shots and deworming.  They will be seven weeks old on February 6th and are ready for their homes.  These
  • Litter Updates – 1.27.19

    Litter Updates – 1.27.19

    All the pups are doing awesome!  We had visitors on Saturday, and they had so much fun!  They are eating puppy food and drinking water like crazy.  We are very pleased with how healthy and social they all are.  Lexi/Ace pups were five weeks old on January 23.  Please call or email for availability.   Liz/Cody pups will be five weeks old tomorrow.  Please call or email for availability on this litter as well.
  • Litter Update – 1.20.19

    Litter Update – 1.20.19

    Another big week for the pups.  The weening process is well underway.  Lexi's litter was very ready for puppy food--they love it!  They were four weeks old on January 16th.  These little guys are all strong, playful and sassy.  They have a real thing for biting each others' ears!  Ouch!  Here are their latest pictures.  Please call or e-mail for availability. Lizzy's pups are doing great, also.  They weren't as bold about puppy food as Lexi's litter, but they are definitely catching on quickly--especially little Ms. Lilac.  She is small and scrappy!  These are some beautiful puppies. 
  • Litter Updates – 1.13.19

    Litter Updates – 1.13.19

    The pups are getting big and getting out of their whelping boxes.  Both litters are up on their feet and really moving around...and wagging their tails like crazy.  The pictures don't reflect how cute they are! Here are the Lexi/Ace babies.  We have black males available from this litter. Here are the first individual pics of the Lizzy/Cody pups.  One black male and one chocolate male are available from this litter.
  • Litter Announcements – 1.1.19

    Litter Announcements – 1.1.19

    Happy New Year!  We closed out 2018 at Moonshine Labs by welcoming two beautiful litters. The first was born on December 19th and is a repeat breeding of Lexi and Ace.  They had ten pups--black and yellow.  These pups are two weeks old now;  we will post individual pictures when they have their eyes fully open.  There are black males available from this litter.  The picture is this litter at one week old. The second litter was born on Christmas Eve.  What a fun way to start our Christmas celebrations!  This litter is from Lizzy and Cody and is our first
  • Litter Sold Out–6.14.18

    Litter Sold Out–6.14.18

    Ms. Lilac found a home and the puppy barn is quiet again. This litter has an outstanding hunting pedigree;  we are confident they will excel in whatever they are asked to do.  Thank you to our owners for giving these pups a good home.  Please keep in touch!  We love to see pictures of their hunting success or them just being awesome family friends.
  • Litter Update–Ms. Lilac 6.10.18

    Litter Update–Ms. Lilac 6.10.18

    Because of an unexpected cancellation, this sweet girl needs a home!  The rest of the pups left this weekend;  she is ready to go any time.  Please reference Ace's and Jessie's pedigrees on our site--together they make an exceptional pedigree.  Please call or e-mail if interested.  
  • Litter Availability Update–6.7.18

    Litter Availability Update–6.7.18

    We have an unexpected change in our litter availability and have a black female available from our Jessie and Ace litter.  The pups will start going to their new homes this weekend.  Please let us know ASAP if you are interested.