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  • Litter Updates 6.6.21

    Litter Updates 6.6.21

    The puppies are doing great!  All 15 are weened and have adjusted very well.  They all "play" together now and have so much fun--15 puppies is a lot of energy!! Ellie & Cody  This litter will be going to the vet this week for their first round of shots and deworming.  They will be leaving for their forever homes this weekend.  To our owners:  If you haven't made a pick-up plan yet, please connect with us this week.  We are excited for you all to get your pups!  This litter is sold out.   (I will update with the remaining four pictures
  • Litter News 5.31.21

    Litter News 5.31.21

    We are happy to share photos from our two current litters!   Jessie & Ace 5.3.21 Jessie had seven beautiful babies:  one black boy, four chocolate boys and two yellow females.  These pups are such an awesome variety pack!  They are four weeks old already and just starting on dry food and water; they are doing very well.  There is one chocolate male available from this litter.   Ellie & Cody 4.28.21 Ellie had eight beautiful chocolate babies!  These pups are already five weeks old and completely weened.  They are doing very well on puppy food and water.  They have also had some
  • Litter Update 2.7.21

    Litter Update 2.7.21

    The pups are five weeks old today.  They are completely weened and doing very well with their puppy food.  We like to give them a handful of food on the floor so they get used to using their noses.  Last weekend it didn't go very well;  this weekend they don't miss a piece.  It's amazing how much they change in just a few days.  They are playing with their toys and getting interested in retrieving. If you didn't notice in last week's pictures, you certainly will notice this week that Mr. Green has an issue with his one eye.  We
  • Litter Announcement/Update 1.31.21:   Lexi & Ace

    Litter Announcement/Update 1.31.21: Lexi & Ace

    Lexi had a beautiful litter of 7 pups on January 3rd:  1 black girl, 4 black boys, and 2 chocolate boys.  This litter is sold out. The pups have transitioned to food and water over the last couple of days and are doing very well.  Lexi has been a great mom, as she usually is, and the pups are ready to be weened.  They are playing with each other and showing all the puppy attitude we expect.  It never gets old watching them learn their world and play with their littermates. Here are their first individual pictures.  Enjoy!  
  • Litter Announcement – Jessie & Ace 5.10.20

    Litter Announcement – Jessie & Ace 5.10.20

    Jessie delivered seven beautiful puppies on April 23rd.  We have two yellow males, two chocolate males, two black males and one black female.  Jessie is an awesome mom and the pups are doing great!  We put their colored collars on today and tried to get some individual pictures, but they really were too tired.  The pics below include one from when they were just a day or so old and some from today.  It's hard to believe they are already two weeks old.  Watch for individual pictures next weekend. Two black males and a chocolate male are available from this
  • Litter Updates – 2.9.20

    Litter Updates – 2.9.20

    Litter #1:  Lexi and Ace This beautiful yellow boy is available from this litter.  He has a great, calm demeanor.  He will be an awesome hunting buddy or best friend and is ready for his new home now. Litter #2:  Lizzy and Cody Two black males are available from this litter.  These little guys have an awesome pedigree.  Today, the pups were outside and these two loved exploring in the snow--noses down and checking it all out.  They are ready for their new homes now.
  • Litter Updates – 2.2.20

    Litter Updates – 2.2.20

    The puppies are six weeks old!  They are all completely weaned and doing very well on puppy food and water.  Everyone made the trip to the vet on Thursday for their six week check-up, shots, and deworming.  Everyone is in very good health. To our owners:  Please make arrangements for puppy pick-up.  They are ready to go to their homes beginning Friday, February 7.  We are so excited for them to be part of your family! Litter #1:  Lexi and Ace Mr. Sky is available.  Check out the adorable pic he took today.  He has a very classic look and build at
  • Litter Updates – 1.19.20

    Litter Updates – 1.19.20

    Litter #1:  Lexi and Ace These puppies are so big and fun!  They are four weeks old and running around, wagging their tails like big dogs.  They have started eating dry food and drinking water.  They are slowly realizing that puppy food is delicious!  Here are their photos from today.  One yellow male is available.  Please check out their parents' pedigrees;  this combination has yielded awesome hunters from previous litters. Litter #2:  Lizzy and Cody These nine pups are so fun!!  At four weeks old, they have really taken to eating puppy food and drinking water.  They are very active
  • Litter Updates – 1.12.20

    Litter Updates – 1.12.20

    Litter #1:  Lexi and Ace These five pups are doing so well!  They are big puppies.  This weekend they got to try some puppy food and water.  They were pretty interested;  it won't be long and they will be looking forward to meal time.  Here are their first pictures from today.  One yellow male is available from this litter. Litter #2:  Lizzy and Cody Lizzy's pups are also experimenting with food and water.  They are smaller in size simply because there are more puppies for momma to feed. They are beautiful and doing very well. Here are their pics from their
  • Litter Announcements – Puppies for Christmas!

    Litter Announcements – Puppies for Christmas!

    It's been a great week at Moonshine Labs!  We are happy to announce two litters born on December 19th.  It was crazy to have two momma dogs in labor at the exact same time!  Here are the details. Litter #1:  Lexi and Ace This is a repeat breeding of this dynamic combination.  We have had great feedback from previous litters.  Lex had five pups:  two yellow boys, a chocolate boy, a black boy and a black girl.  We are still working through our list to finalize if any of these pups will be available or not.  Stay tuned.   Litter #2:  Lizzy and