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Litter Update 2.7.21

The pups are five weeks old today.  They are completely weened and doing very well with their puppy food.  We like to give them a handful of food on the floor so they get used to using their noses.  Last weekend it didn’t go very well;  this weekend they don’t miss a piece.  It’s amazing how much they change in just a few days.  They are playing with their toys and getting interested in retrieving.

If you didn’t notice in last week’s pictures, you certainly will notice this week that Mr. Green has an issue with his one eye.  We believe his eye was damaged during delivery, and he will not have sight in that eye.  We have never had this happen to a pup before so it has been a learning experience for us to watch him grow and develop.  Other than his eye situation, he is a normal, healthy puppy.  And, we are very thankful that he will have a good home with one of his brothers.

Enjoy their five week photos.  They are absolutely adorable.  Mr. Red has a bonus shot as I caught him sticking his tongue out–so cute! This litter is sold out, and the pups will be ready to go to their new homes in two weeks.

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