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Litter Updates – 1.19.20

Litter #1:  Lexi and Ace

These puppies are so big and fun!  They are four weeks old and running around, wagging their tails like big dogs.  They have started eating dry food and drinking water.  They are slowly realizing that puppy food is delicious!  Here are their photos from today.  One yellow male is available.  Please check out their parents’ pedigrees;  this combination has yielded awesome hunters from previous litters.

Litter #2:  Lizzy and Cody

These nine pups are so fun!!  At four weeks old, they have really taken to eating puppy food and drinking water.  They are very active and healthy.  These pups have a fantastic pedigree, as well, if you are looking for a hunting companion.  Two black males are available from this litter.

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