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Lily is Their Best Friend – 1.13.19

We received the greatest update from one of our owners this week.  The Wakefields bought Lily–a Jessie/Ace pup–from us last summer.  We just love how she has become part of their family.

Hello Lorenz Family!

We hope you had a great Christmas holiday and you’re looking forward to the New Year! 

 I thought I would send a quick email to let you know that Lily is still doing great! She spent a few weeks with Tony Nelson learning all about hunting and other commands he taught her. We weren’t expecting life to be as different as it was when she was gone—our house was pretty quiet and our family was lonely without Lily to play with or following us around! 🙁 We had quite a bit of tears…from our kids and myself after Lily went to Tony’s but we were extremely thankful for the weekly updates he sent us, along with photos. A couple pictures were of her sprawled out in his house on a blanket so I think she was taken care of just fine!! 🙂 He really had a kind demeanor and positive attitude about working with dogs so we felt comfortable leaving her with him. We were also amazed by what he taught her!!

Lily came home just in time for Christmas…and literally transitioned back as if she was never gone. We hosted quite a bit of company during the holidays and she did so awesome! She is extremely social and happy ALL THE TIME so after the initial excitement of new people visiting our house, she fit right in with the crowd…and got TONS of attention which she really enjoys!! 🙂 

As I’m writing this, Lily is laying right by my feet snoring away! She really is a great companion to us all and provides for lots of entertainment in our home. Our kids announce daily that she is their best friend and by the attention they give to her and she gives to them, that’s pretty darn true! 😉 I’m attaching a picture that we took right when she got home before Christmas. I typically send my Christmas cards out early December, but we just couldn’t take a family photo without Lily so we waited for her to get home and sent out New Year’s cards instead!

We feel very blessed that Lily is a part of our family—Jim’s parents and my parents refer to her as our “third child!” She is very, very loved by us all! 🙂 

Happy New Year-

Jim, Angie, Jax, and Piper Wakefield & Lily

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